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Borderline dating app

Borderline dating app

The church says my wife has biblical grounds for divorce; do you agree? We sleep in different bedrooms per my husband's request; which one of us should schedule counseling? How do I encourage my husband whose partner is lying and racially discriminating against him?

My son was taken away because of my involvement in a cult; how do I reconnect years later? I have been divorced for 13yrs and am lonely; how do I find a good guy? My husband is more like a roommate since I cheated 5yrs ago; should we separate?

How can I help my 13yo daughter with her dad who left us and remarried? My husband is emotionally abusive; how can I break this cycle? How can I help my 31yo son with crippling anxiety and an extreme fear of driving? My daughter-in-law was mistreated by her mother; how can I help her heal?

My husband is fine living next door with his parents; how do I get him to come back? It's been a year since we were separated and my husband is back to gaslighting and name-calling. Do you believe in telepathy?

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