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Dating fenton stickers

Dating fenton stickers

Since I, too had many questions, I wrotel to Frank Fenton for some answers. The follow information, supplied to me by Mr.

Fenton, is arranged in chronological order, but please keep in mind all dates are approximate. Occasionally different colored labels were used on different colors of glass at the same time. The company also often used up the dating fenton stickers of the preceding labels even after a new label was introduced.

For example, in June 4, letter which Bill Fenton sent to all sales representatives, introducing the new Magenta and Blue "worker" label, he wrote " At the present time these are being used on only a portion of the line and will not be used entirely untill a later date".

In addition, some of the older company records are sketchy and prior to there are almost no records at all.

Labels shown here have been enlarged to show detail. There are no records to indicate color, only a printed black and white copy. Silver and Ivory--the outer rim and printing are silver and the background color is ivory.

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Part of a Fenton Art Glass Company letterhead. The of the label on the letterhead was blue. Red and White, possibly used for shop samples only. Yellow on Silver, used in Yellow on Silver foil, used in Yellow and also Brown, used in Blue, used from to Gold, used from to Silver dating fenton stickers with Silver letters and a Greenish Yellow backgrond, also used in a Blue color with a Gold background.

There is also a version of the label which states "Handmade by Fenton".

Dating fenton stickers

Frank Fenton feels it was probably used first and the words "in America" were added later because of the escalating war in Europe. The dark background is Red with Silver print, the light background is Silver with Red print.

This was used only on Milk Glass in conjuction with other labels. Brown with Silver lettering.

How to Identify Fenton Glass

Gold a greenish yellow with Silver lettering. Foil, Blue and silver. Used on Milk Glass only. Probably in Magenta only, but possibly blue also.

Welcome to Dick's Place, Paper Label examples for Fenton Art Glass.

This label did not copy well. This and the above label are commonly known among collectors and the "worker" labels. Made in Magenta and also Blue.

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Black and White, used on all hand painted items in conjuction with other labels. Black and Gold, this is a slightly different version of the "worker" label introduced innotice the more rounded edges and less definition in the dating fenton stickers. Silver and Black, the bottom portion of the sticker is for the price and is designed to tear off.

Silver and Black, usually used on QVC and other special order items where the customer doesn't want the price information on the label.

White and Black, used on all hand painted items in conjuction with other labels. White and Black, new labels for the new millenium, Signifying 95 years of glass excellence. Another interestng fact Frank shared dating fenton stickers me is, since candleholders are sold in pairs, the Fenton Company is currently placing the oval price sticker on one holder and round sticker on the other. I would like to add a word of caution regarding preservation of these labels.

Most dealers I questioned stated they felt labels, particularly those older thanincrease the value of an item by five to ten percent.

A complete listing of Fenton white HOBNAIL milk glass. one time or another about the significance of the Fenton Art Glass Company paper labels. are being used on only a portion of the line and will not be used entirely untill a later date". Yes, Fenton did not start using molded marks in their glass until the 's. The majority of Fenton was only marked with a sticker. Most of the.

Therefore, I personally try to ensure all labels, even new ones,remain intact in my collection. I would like to thank Mr. All Red letters in this report were added and were not a part of the original article.

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