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Dating or waiting you dancing

Dating or waiting you dancing

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Wearing too many large pieces of jewelry not only has the potential to get caught or snagged while you two are dancing, but signals to the men to 'Keep Away'.

Wearing a few small pieces of jewelry will work the best at the dance.

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The best way to ask a man to dance is to simply say, "I want to dance with you". Men are used to women asking for what they want. This makes the situation much less awkward, and puts the ball in the man's court.


Looking for the high traffic areas around the dance floor that occurs between songs is important at a dance. Once discovered, if you proceed to circulate in these areas between songs you will expose yourself to be asked to dance.

Dating or waiting you dancing

If you're looking at men while you're at the dance, you will appear desperate and men will avoid you. It is best to avoid eye contact with men unless they are talking to you. The best thing to do is to look at the dancers on the floor. Unless you are actually dancing, you should avoid sitting with or talking with other men.

If you are with a man, other men will think that you are together.

Men are very respectful of each other's territory and will not ask you to dating or waiting you dancing. Wearing a top with too much of your shoulders and back exposed will feel cold and clammy to the man while dancing. A sleeveless top is okay, as long as two inches or less of the shoulder are exposed, as this is attractive to men.

When a man approaches you from the side, it is best to wait for him to tap you on the shoulder or start talking to you before you turn toward him. If you turn toward him right away, even after a delay, you will appear desperate. If you sit with a whole group of women at the dance, men will think you are there to talk to other women and not to dance.

Even being with one other friend will diminish your chances. Being alone will dramatically increase your chances of being asked to dance, as men will believe you are there for one purpose, and that is to dance.

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Men call large groups of women 'Henhouses' and stay clear. You need to avoid this at all costs.

Looking at the dancers on the floor makes men feel that you are interested in dancing and are much more likely to ask you to dance. If you stare at the floor or your friends, then men will think that you are not interested in dancing. Wearing multiple layers for your top will make it more difficult for men to lead you in the dance as the layers of clothing will slide.

Men will notice this and will be less likely to ask you to dance, sometimes subconsciously. You should never directly ask a man to dance using the words "Do you want to dance". Men will not expect this and may feel confused and embarrassed. Even today, at most dances, men are not used to women asking them to dance.

If you gently sway to the music while waiting to be asked to dance, in most cases you will. This tells men that you like the music and are eager and ready to dance. Don't do full dance moves as this makes it appear you are preoccupied. Saying 'Hi' to men at the dating or waiting you dancing while passing by them will dramatically increase your chances of being asked to dance. Doing this will show men that you are friendly and approachable which will lessen their fear of asking you to dance.

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Standing on the edge of the dance floor with your feet just touching the floor tells men you are ready to dance right away. Don't stand on the floor as this will indicate that you are waiting for an existing partner. Nothing can make you more approachable than when you genuinely smile. If you are not smiling, or worse yet frowning, men will be afraid to ask you to dance and for good reason. Try to appear happy and smile as much as possible.

Dating or waiting you dancing

Circulating near the dance floor will greatly increase your chances of being asked to dance. Men who stand far from the dance floor are not interested in dancing.

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Staying seated makes you less likely to be asked to dance. Is it best to arrive before the music starts.

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This gives you time to get ready, get the feel for the place and say 'Hi' to potential dance mates before the valuable dance period begins. Arriving early will.

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