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Dating vintage butterick patterns

Dating vintage butterick patterns

Collecting Vintage Sewing Patterns Collectors Weekly Dating vintage butterick patterns, Sometimes the only way to determine the age of a pattern is from the styling of the illustration. Companion-Butterick apron pattern But the overall design is pretty darn close. Look along the edge on the back of the envelope, or sometimes on the flap. Dating and working nights way to date a pattern is by using the number of the pattern.

The blue hair is a cute touch.

She became interested in these because she has fond memories of sewing them back in her youth. See a robe like this at Glamourdaze.

Finding Vintage Sewing Patterns s Hollywood pattern You can find vintage patterns almost anywhere you would be shopping for used items. Most mail order patterns were not dated, though you could get lucky and find one in the original mailing envelope with a postmarked date.

The dress above with the piecing below the waist is an older design. What makes pattern books especially helpful in seeing trends like this is that dating vintage butterick patterns catalogs of ready made clothes that feature just what was designed and made for that season, pattern books would carry a popular pattern for several years. Some collect designs from just one era, rune factory tides of destiny dating requirements s Mod look for instance, that may suit their body shape or their lifestyle.

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This is when knowing a bit about fashion eras can be valuable. The thing that bothers me the most is how similar the style lines are to one of her previous designs, Butterick And be careful, because sometimes an older pattern will have a copyright date that is not for the design, but for a feature like the method of construction. You can see that the design above is the same play set at the top of this post.

One of the oldest designs offered in this catalog is this romper. Skirts became very slim and quite plain.

Important to Remember

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Again, be prepared to educate. Simplicity stopped putting dates on most patterns in the early 50s, but in the mid s they began printing it on the envelope back. Bust sizes 32 to 48 inches.

You can also be assured the pattern is complete, or that it is as the seller describes it. There are no new vintage reproductions.

InAmerican tailor Ebenezer Butterick was the first to create a sewing pattern in various sizes.

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