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Dating anniversary quote

Dating anniversary quote

I submit that the sixth-month mark of a relationship is the exact moment where you become "uncool. But remember, uncool does not mean its time to brag.

First-year anniversary messages are meant to be romantic, funny, sexy, cool, and loving. If you don't know what to write for your first anniversary, take a look at these ideas.

There are Instagram captions for your sixth-month anniversary that won't make you seem like a dork, and I'm here to help you craft them. I'm sorry to shame the Instagram couples of the world, but I have seen a too many couples on my feed acting as though they are a portmanteau-worthy celebrity pairs.

It is my firm dating anniversary quote that portmanteaus are never acceptable unless you are a full-fledged A-list couple. It's great that you and your partner are in love and that you have made it to six months, but it's not exactly an anniversary that everyone celebrates, so let's be sort of low-key about posting on Instagram about it.

As a curmudgeon who is also a romantic, I do understand your desire to put something on the internet about your big-ish milestone.

Consider picking a quote or sentimental anniversary message to recite over a candlelit dinner date. If spoken word isn't your style, use your. Whether you've been dating for a few years or married for a decade, in your anniversary card, some anniversary quotes or messages will. Best Happy Anniversary Love Quotes: Real love stories never have Whether you've been dating for a few years or married to your best friend.

So if you must post on Instagram, here are some ideas for your captions. Self-deprecation is encouraged, and so is a sense of humor.

A single red heart emoji as a caption is not. It's very down-to-earth and makes the single babes of the world feel like there are real gems out there! It also feels like you're not overwhelmingly trying to praise your relationship and garner "congrats" comments under your photo.

Dating anniversary quote

This caption is even better if you've made it to a really silly milestone like. There's a first time for everything.

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This is a fun caption for those of us for whom multiple months is an actual, applause-worth accomplishment. I love the weird, "how we became official" stories that couples have, and I love when they share them on the internet.

I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but the best couples' posts are the ones that acknowledge that relationships are not always perfect, Instagram-worthy cups of tea.

I can't tell you how many times I've said to a friend "You and [partner] look like you had such a fun trip from the pictures! Especially when you're at the six-month mark. This is time to be honest in your 'gramming. This is the time to be silly.

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This is the time to be uncool!


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