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Dating glass buttons

Dating glass buttons

Kelly in Many factories were at work making glass buttons and novelties, such as settings for rings, pin heads, cuff links, earrings, stick pins, etc. Queen Victoria and her penchant for "Jet", which was too costly for the ordinary person as well as being very fragile, gave the impetus to the glass workers to copy the buttons and ornaments in glass.

Glass buttons dating

The so-called "Jet Buttons" became very popular and plentiful. Button collectors know dating glass buttons that thousands of black glass buttons were made both here and in Europe. Colored glass buttons were not neglected in the output. Our old charm strings, with their lovely bright colored glass buttons that are the pride and joy of most of our collectors today, are proof.

They also imported datings glass buttons buttons, mostly from France and Austria. Today and for the last 75 years stained glass and mosaics have been their main business. They do not make glass windows or ornamental objects, but make and furnish the glass for those who do that work. Their glass is in such well-known edifices as The Cathedral of St. John the Divine and Washington Cathedral. They also dating glass buttons small glass disks and pieces for utilitarian and decorative purposes as used on highways, telephones, elevators and numerous other things.

They sell glass to small firms and glass workers for paperweights, paperweight buttons, novelties and ornaments; in fact, they have never stopped that part of the business. They made glass for L.

Tiffany and others who worked in iridescent glass in that period. Her popularity was in the 's. Poppers sponsored a spun glass dress for her which is now in the Museum of Honolulu. Since written records were not kept of the button business, Mr. He was aided by Andy Clarke, the only person who was with the firm when they were engaged in making buttons. So we have some idea of the workings and products of the firm in former years.

The following is an excerpt from a recent letter from Mr. My father knows a great deal about it, but is getting shaky on dates and the dating glass buttons. All I know is the background of the larger glass business as told to me years ago by father and some uncles.

Father's father, Leo Popper, came to the United States in the early 's as a boy.

He came from the Bohemian part of Austria. His father was a doctor.

He undoubtedly had some feelings for small dating glass buttons articles since he was born in a small town no far from Goblantz, which was a world center for this work. He did some placer mining, found some gold, and with the proceeds set up a small store for miners at Rattlesnake Bar.

There are a flock of lively stories about him in this period. He had a Chinaman helping him at the store, and they played chess after supper. There was considerable "rough house", miners with "likker" in them shot up the store once in a while, then came back and paid him for the damage with a bag of gold.

Dating glass buttons

Grandpa got together with a gang to put down horse thieving and the like, in a vigilante group. Was in the hoopskirt manufacturing business, and patented a new type in the 's. Was in the liquor business with a cousin.

In he and eight or nine others put in money and started a dating glass buttons factory in Brooklyn. They went out of business in or so as a result of European competition. He was also in the button business in the middle of the 's. In that business was turned into a general glass business—mirrors, window glass, small specialties, stained glass, colored glass, etc.

A couple of years later, his son Caleb joined the business and did considerable traveling and buying in Europe, from roughly The manufacture of buttons continued thru this period, and buttons and markings of buttons were brought in from abroad as well.

In my father entered the business, and about this time his older brother also joined it. Caleb died in the mid 's, and from that time untilwhen Leo Popper, my grandfather, died Leo ran the business in partnership with sons Emil L.

Some were imported after the early 's, and both functions were carried out until approximately At one dating glass in this period there was a salesman and office in Chicago. At another time there was a larger office in Providence, Rhode Island. The buttons were sold to wholesalers, manufacturers of clothing, and were carded for sales to department stores, as well.

Lacy Glass, Cobalt Blue Glass, Other Victorian Glass Buttons was planning to use it as a “Reference Library” to date buttons. The earliest buttons, dating back to the Bronze age, were made individually, We know these glass buttons date from the early 20th century because of its “self” .

In those days the manufacturer.

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