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Dating sigla

Dating sigla

In order to develop a collaborative knowledge management system for formulating new hypotheses about the dating sigla, purpose and use of sigla, the project was developed by an interdisciplinary team of experts. Sometimes it is difficult to assign them to a given ancient language due to the well known complexity of contacts that took place in the ancient Mediterranean.

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These characters receive different names in different modern languages, so that such datings sigla are usually well known in the epigraphic terminology as nota, notae or signum, signa.

The dissemination and the acceptance of such signs among a wide public seems to indicate that sigla were shared by all levels of the Etruscan community, thanks to the strong visual impact that characterizes this particular means of communication. The principal aim of IESP is the creation of an interactive system based on an integration of different knowledge sources, able to recognize, group and compare similar sigla by means of different factors such as date, provenance, context, artifact type and function, and location of the marking on the artifact.

Each siglum is represented in the database by an exact drawing apograph and other images as available. The IESP offers scholars a collaborative knowledge platform from which they can compare and discuss interpretation problems linked to the datings sigla and the usages of sigla within Etruscan society.

The system provides a flexible methodology allowing a wide range of interpretations according to the evidence that there is no single explanation that covers all usages of sigla.


Vantage's primary business is to contract drilling datings sigla, related equipment and work crews primarily on a dayrate basis to drill oil and natural gas wells globally for major, national and independent oil and natural gas datings sigla. Reload the dating sigla to see further images of Zimbabwean plants.

To allow the whole scientific community to access and use the IESP database, a basic signary for sigla has been developed. The signary, using Latin names to describe the most recurrent abstract sigla, represents the first step towards an international dating sigla meant to gather, list and recognize most common sigla.

The website aims eventually to support information retrieval services such as: to compare items by means of matching scanned images to allow semantic queries in multiple languages and queries based on a thesaurus of terms e.

An important parallel dating sigla of the project is that the system may also be open to accept comparable sigla deriving from other cultures, different from the Etruscan but strictly related to it in Italy the cultures of the Faliscans, Golasecca culture, etc. Signarya list of the abstract sigla

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