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Fan dating idol

Fan dating idol

Share Disney star Jake T. Austin, 21, best known for his role in Wizards of Waverly Place, recently made headlines for dating a longtime fan, year-old Danielle Ceasar. After tweeting at him for years, in Ceasar met Austin in person at a Planet Hollywood, Seventeen reported.

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After their meeting, he followed her back. It's also raised the hopes fangirl hordes across the world. Thanks to Austin and Ceasar, hooking up with your favorite celebrity doesn't seem like such a far-off possibility — but the consensus is split on whether or not that's a good thing.

Like most other things, the internet has made it easier for fans to connect with celebs. Ceasar reportedly started tweeting at Austin in That, in turn, has also made it easier for celebrities to find dates online.

Damn i miss 15&. So, you asked about what happens if a fan date a kpop idol right? I gave you a case about how an idol being friend with her fans bring her a lot. Dating isn't a sin, but in the idol world it's difficult to have a from that brand, usually on a radio show, fans can guess which idol is dating who. After all, the star has million Twitter followers and million fans on. Instagram of Bowie superfan who spent £20, on shrine to her idol.

You can even score a date with James Franco through Instagram! Angie has some experience dating well-known musicians she predominantly meets through work. They live in two different worlds.

Fan dating idol

Usually you put posters [up of celeb crushes] when you're a teenager, and you think of it as someone you admire, not someone you're going to date. With power comes more access to more resources, including money, invitations, vacations.

Speed dating brighton over Free chinese dating sites in china. Radiocarbon dating of ancient rock paintings. Can a non-drinker dating a drinker.

So if you feel like the other person has power you will tolerate a lot more. Your threshold for what's painful becomes higher," said Greenberg.

Fan dating idol

While she declined his invitation, she was struck by the dichotomy between his squeaky clean image and the manner in which he approached her. It fan dating idol a bit coercive. When I got to his place, I said I wasn't sure I wanted to [have sex]. For me it was all business getting an interview, but when we met he instantly started holding my hand and saying he wanted to marry me and then we fucked.

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He still texts me to this day and puts me on the list for his shows. I called him out on having his girlfriend at the last show I went to.

Fan dating idol; can k-pop stars have personal lives? their labels aren't so sure

He was avoiding me apart from waving to me from the stage. I'm all about honesty. I don't like that shit.

Because really, when you put somebody up on a pedestal, you're creating something that's not based in reality," Greenberg told Mic. Mic asked Greenberg what she would advise someone who came to her asking for advice after being approached by a celebrity. It's unlikely to be something that's lasting, because a celebrity's life and relationships in general don't last for long.

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