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Dating app with heart

Dating app with heart

Senior Dating Apps Many Senior People in Dating are Still Young at Heart Many senior singles in dating are moving with the modern times, and are quite up-to-date when it comes to online dating sites, finding new friends on their computer or iPad and using dating apps!

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Undoubtedly, advancements in technology have made it far easier for senior daters to find new life-companions and, instead of being restricted to only meeting people in the immediate vicinity of their home, many senior people can literally explore the big wide world through the freedom that the internet offers. Yet, there are a number of other key reasons why seniors, now more than ever, are becoming more young at heart and enjoying the ability to date and find new love from the comfort of their homes.

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Such reasons include: Through a combination of advanced medical techniques and greater awareness of the importance of a good diet and regular exercise, seniors are living longer; depending on the dating app with heart they live in and, of course, their geneticsgeneral life expectancy for men is typically well into their 70s whilst for women getting to 80 and above is much more common. References to the aging populations of many first world countries such as the US or Japan are common place and, as people live longer and stay more active, there are clearly more seniors around looking to date.

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Add in increasing divorce and relationship separation rates and there are more senior singles available looking for new partners to start afresh with; Even 10 years ago, probably the perception of what constituted a senior dater was someone over the age of 60; close to or just retired and beginning to wonder what to do with the rest of their days.

Nowadays, we have far more retirees at 50 think of the various holiday companies catering for this market segment and offering grey hair travel packages or even at the relatively young age of Some of this lowering of retirement ages is to do with the fact that there are more entrepreneurs around who may have made enough dating app with heart with internet businesses or technology generally and are looking for a better work-life balance and so semi-retire; dating app with heart is still are very big part of their lives and, as they are probably somewhere in their late 40s; hence the tag seniors is being applied to younger and younger people!

Job mobility is also a factor, as more and more people are no longer tied to their desk in an office to work; they can work with their laptops from coffee shops, co-working places or, more often than not, their homes.

All in all, senior people in dating are seemingly much younger and, accordingly, much younger at heart than ever before; we have so many things to thank access to the internet and to specialised senior dating sites for


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