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I dating a bad boy

I dating a bad boy

Even though we know we should avoid it, the bad-boy charm is sometimes impossible to resist. But rather than telling you to stay away, we're. Dating a bad boy might seem adventurous and sexy, but sometimes it can be more trouble than it's worth.

Four years my senior, he brought me bags of weed and tied daisies to each of my toes. He kept our relationship a secret from his friends for months.

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We went to weird electronic music shows all over the eastern seaboard and stayed out all night. We broke up and had spectacular reunions. We wound up living in Colorado together for a short time. For years, this was my type.

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Photographers, musicians, artists. Men who wore ripped-up jeans and smoked unfiltered cigarettes and drank whiskey and beer. Moody men who spent more money on clothes than I did, who made strong espresso in fancy machines in the morning and got asymmetrical haircuts and could not communicate to save their lives.

Slowly all of my clothes began to smell faintly of stale smoke. Men already die statistically earlier than women; why did he feel the need to speed up the process with American Spirits? Sure, it can be exciting to date this type of person. But all sexiness aside, he could never really look my mother in the eye.

This made for some awkward family gatherings. You might think this would be an ego-boost, but it's not actually fun.

I dating a bad boy

I shared love for certain artists or musicians or writers with these men. Maybe we both loved breakfast burritos or seaweed salads or tacos.

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They were at turns exciting, hilarious and sometimes devastating — people whom I wish the best and would be happy to run into on the street. And they are in my past.

I dating a bad boy


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