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Dating site asia ramazan

Dating site asia ramazan

Those of you who witness this month shall fast therein For those locations that start Ramadan on May 06 a day laterthe Night of Destiny falls on May 31, God willing.

Dating site asia ramazan

If you have questions about calculating the start and end days of Ramadan, please refer to September issue of the Submitters Perspective. To convert to your time zone you can use a Time Zone Converter.

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You will also need to convert the new moon times from UTC GMT to your local time zone taking into account daylight savings if applicable. You will also need to check the times of your local sunset.

We also have for your convenience please verify computed results for accuracy a Ramadan Dates Calculator. More details on Ramadan including information about why the calculation is done as above i. Other Ramadan articles are linked at the top of this page.

Calculate the information for the date you are interested. Compare the time of sunset with the time for the new moon in local time.

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Address: Masjid Tucson, P. BoxTucson AZ

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