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Dating site building unit

Dating site building unit

Company Enter a code that identifies a specific organization, fund, or other reporting entity.

The company code must already exist in the F table and must identify a reporting entity that has a complete balance sheet. At this level, you can have intercompany transactions. You can use company for default values such as dates and AAIs.

You cannot use company for transaction entries.

Dating site building unit

Fiscal Date Pattern Enter a value that specifies a fiscal date pattern. If you leave this field blank, the system uses the default value R.

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Number of Periods Enter a number that determines the normal number of accounting periods for annual budgeting and fixed asset depreciation. If you leave this field blank, the system uses the default value of In budgeting, this is used to spread the annual budget to equal amounts for each accounting period when a budget pattern code has not been defined.

The system calculates depreciation for each accounting period as the dating site building unit amount divided by the normal number of periods if the Depreciation Information code is not C. The system uses the depreciation code C when depreciation amounts are calculated based on monthly tables, which the Internal Revenue Service IRS provides for 12 accounting periods only. Note: If you have 12 accounting periods and you are using the 13th period for audit adjustments, the normal number of periods is Current Period Enter a number from 1 to 14 that identifies the current accounting period.

If you leave this field blank, the system uses the default value 1.

The system uses the number in this field to generate error messages, such as PBCO posted before cut off and PACO posted after cut offwhen necessary. You can set the current period for General Accounting before the dating site building unit periods for Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, but not after. Beginning of Fiscal Year Enter the first day of the fiscal year. Company Address Number Enter a value in this field if the address book number of the company is different from the company number.

Current Period Enter a value for the current period. Beginning of Fiscal Year Enter a value for the beginning of the fiscal year.

If you leave this field blank, the system uses the year that is entered in the Beginning of Fiscal Year field under the General Accounting heading. Reporting Period Enter a value that specifies the reporting period. Use this field to specify a default financial reporting date that is different from the actual accounting period.

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Because financial report preparation often lags behind the actual closing of books, you can close a month without having to finish all financial statements. By changing the value in this field, you can generate any prior-period financial statements. Reporting Year Enter a value that specifies the reporting year.

Values are: 00— A specific fiscal year. Blank: The current fiscal year financial reporting date. Set up business units. Translate business units.

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Business units are part of the basic account structure in the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne General Accounting system and denote where transactions affect the organization, such as a warehouse or store. They are the lowest reporting level within your organization at which you need to account for assets, liabilities, equity, revenue, and expenses.

Typically, you set up business units when you first set up the General Accounting system.

However, you dating site building unit also need to set up new business units if your company structure changes. Balance sheet accounts assets, liabilities, and equity accounts are usually associated with a balance sheet business unit. Typically, the number for balance sheet business units is the same as the company number. For example, for companythe balance sheet business unit would be you do not need leading zeros for the business unit.

If the company number and balance sheet business units are not the same, you should be aware of.

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