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5w4 dating

Though in my case I used to be about certain of 5w4 and now I'm fairly convinced of being a 4w5. For me, the deal-breaker is whether you look at behavioural traits alone - which are, after all, supposed to be the reliable indicator of type - or also deeper, into mindset, ways of paying attention, internal focus.

In the first case, shy, intellectual not necessarily the same as intelligent, disclaimer for those of you who love any excuse to bitchintroverted people are 5s, while 4s are drama queens and artists. If you will consider the second, 5s are characterized by detachment from their own emotions, being threatened by intrusion and especially imposition on their 5w4 dating.

As long as I thought of Enneagram as shallow and failing to grasp personality, I could self-type as 5 and discard most descriptions that went deeper and didn't work at all as taking the theory too far, where it no longer applied and became nothing but a baseless extrapolations of behaviour on the state of mind.

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Realizing I was likely a 4 made me see Enneagram as deeper than that; the biggest milestone was actually considering it, since when I did, I actually bothered to ask others about their impressions. Especially 5w4 dating other 5s had never had issues like I did made it clear I was not one. So I say, if you don't relate to descriptions of your type despite superficial similarities, it's a hint you might need to reconsider.

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How does it work with Fe-PoLR I wouldn't consider it impossible in either case, I suppose. I don't think 4s focus on 5w4 dating and feeling can be undervalued, as it seems an inherent part of this enneatype to feel strongly and even more so, intensify their feelings through imagination as opposed to 5s less emotionally intense spaced-outedness, which is the impression I gained discussing this with actual 5s, again.

Dating 5w4, [Enneagram Type 3] Type 3 and Type 5 in a relationship.

I don't believe it's inconsistent with Fe-PoLR. Open emotional expression is less obvious I believe it's linked to the type, but not necessarily in a way that is always obvious. The 5w4 dating is, 4s live a self-image, though in a different way than 3s or 2s, and it dictates their expression - no fixed way across the type, and if there were, wouldn't they go against it? Hey meal Aiss says quite a few interesting things.

Let me correlate that to the videos she linked. Also, they are hypersensitive to the expectations to others. I'll just stay away yea.

5w4 dating

Layers: Thoughts: Abuse of thinking, or over thinking Reason: To consider the course of action Fear: Self-preservation against expectations, or abandonment from those whose expectations cannot be met. Once again, all these are 5w4 dating 5 issues.

If you're a healthy 5, chances are you have solutions to resolve them and are functioning well in the world. They imagine how others view them, and how they look from an outside points of view.

Usually, their 5w4 datings are based on an idealistic image of how they want to be seen in contrast to how they believe people see them. Because of this, they are confused about their feelings, or they have somewhat a 'pseudo-feeling'.

They tend to ignore how they really feel, but focus instead on who they should be. This idealistic image, which they hardly match up to the dream always rushes forward faster than the dreamerleads to a position of self-rejection.

Healthy 4s tend to take steps towards the 'dream-direction', in that they attempt to make themselves who they want to be, or see themselves being, or want to be seen as 5w4 dating. Unhealthy 4s tend to stop at the rejection stage, which may escalate negatively to self-harming behaviours, whether intentional, like cutting themselves, not eating well, stressing themselves out, or unintentional, like missing good opportunities, putting themselves down without realizing, or letting people use them without prior consideration of their own well-being.

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I may not have expressed 4 as succinctly as 5, but that's because I was too lazy to listen to the first half of the 4 video. Well, I hope it helped.

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It's just my understanding and explanation of what I see from the video. Aiss, do you tend to relate to 4 more or 5? I don't know you well enough to offer a sound suggestion.

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