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Broadly dating aries

Broadly dating aries

The aircraft is being modified extensively for a broad range of flight research programs in the next 20 years to benefit the U.

Broadly dating aries

Called ARIES, or Airborne Research Integrated Experiments System, the aircraft is being used to conduct research to increase aircraft safety, operating efficiency and compatibility with future air traffic control systems. It is a vital research tool in support of the agency's Aviation Safety and Aviation Systems capacity programs.

The is continuing work begun by the NASA in state-of-the-art technologies such as electronic cockpit displays, flight management systems and broadly dating aries safety devices.

Thethe first off Boeing's production line inwas decommissioned in Current and projected research needs greatly exceeded the capabilities of the The is a more modern airplane that utilizes electronic systems to a much greater extent in this growing electronic age.


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The will better support research and development of the aeronautical sub-systems for the airlines and the airframe and systems manufacturers. Already the airplane has been used for several research programs, including: Flight tests using Global Positioning System GPS satellite data to perform automated landings of the airplane. The study of jet-engine contrails to determine their effects on the atmosphere.

Testing of a system to improve the broadly dating aries and efficiency of aircraft during landing, taxiing and takeoff by giving pilots a computerized map showing airport ground operations. Future research will focus on technologies to improve air safety and efficiency, including: Evaluation of a system that would provide pilots with better strategic and tactical weather information while in flight.

Testing of an airborne system that allows closely-spaced approaches to landings during reduced visibility to increase airport capacity.

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Runway friction research. The NASA was located after an extensive survey of the jet airliner market.

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It was the second built and the first one produced that was sold to an airline. The first is owned by Boeing.

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The airplane now at Langley had been used by Boeing for Federal Aviation Administration certification of the class of jet airliners. The second-generation, digitally-equipped transport, designated NEA, was obtained from the Eastern Airline bankruptcy estate. The TRF is a set of tools used in a simulation-to-flight concept.

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This concept incorporates common software, hardware, and broadly datings aries for both ground-based flight simulators and theproviding government and industry with an efficient way to develop and test new technology concepts to enhance the capacity, safety, and operational needs of the ever-changing national airspace system. The features a Flight Deck Research Station on the left, or captain's, side of the cockpit.

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Facilities used in the simulation-to-flight concept are: Thewhich features the Flight Deck Research Station FDRS on the left side of the cockpit for test subjects to evaluate flight systems and operational procedures. The RFD cab is an advanced subsonic transport flight deck used for full-crew-workload and full-aircraft-systems integration development and tests by the research community.

Broadly dating aries

Eight video recorders support the cameras, flight displays, and other data collection. Over 1, different data parameters are recorded throughout a research flight. Additional different parameters may be specified for recording during tests.

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Others are added depending on research needs. The is '3" long, and 44'6" high at its tallest point, the tail. It measures '10" wingtip to wingtip.

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