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Dating ivanka photos com

Dating ivanka photos com

Remember the year ?


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It might be difficult to think back that far, considering how every day currently feels like it spans an entire year, but humor us and think back for a second. Things were simpler then. But, most noticeably, the biggest Trump news of the time centered around socialite Ivanka Trump's outings with celebrities like Paris Hilton.

Though entertainment outlets and tabloids covered most of her moves, you might have missed a fling she once had with Topher Gracewho played the ever-downtrodden Eric Forman on That '70s Show and himself in Oceans And based off of his interview with The Daily Beast, Grace probably wishes that was one secret left buried in the gossip archives.

Advertisement "Certainly it wasn't a political statement.

This was a decade ago," Grace told The Daily Beast. I wouldn't say that we 'dated,' but I didn't do it for political reasons.

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